T-Mobile gets the iPhone…..which I think is cool

So finally, T-Mobile has gotten the iPhone, after all these years. Many people will not care, many will be happy, and of course as anything with tech, there will be vitriol spewed.

I personally think it’s a good thing. While every carrier has their fans, the fact of the matter is no one carrier is perfect everywhere, especially in the States, and this brings another option.

Personally, T-Mobile coverage is awesome where I live and work, and that’s what matters, right? The lack of LTE is a bit of a factor, though honestly friends with T-Mo and HSPA+ phones get great performance. I think I’d be perfectly fine for the time being, until T-Mobile’s LTE coverage expands.

Their pricing certainly is way, way better for the individual. I’m paying more for zero texting, 450 minutes, and 5GB of data, even when taking into account the $20 a month for the phone.

The only thing that’s a tad of a disappointment is that I’ve not yet seen anything in regards to iPads, and I was considering getting a second gen iPad Mini when it comes out, with broadband.

We shall see!

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