More Google Drive Thoughts

So it dawned on me the other day; I’m going on 6 months since I’ve last wiped my Mac at home, and reinstalled all my apps……except MS Office. All that’s really on there are my photo, video, and music production applications, which are what I generally use on that machine.

What docs I do need to edit are all now residing in Google Drive. With the 15GB coming soon to me (talked about here, I just don’t need Office anymore, at least not at home. Google Drive seems to cover all my home document needs at this point, and does so quite well. What’s even cooler is that I have access to these documents from anywhere, and from all my devices (iPhone, iPad, work Mac, etc.).

I wonder if this is going to become an overall trend, spreading from geeks like me to “regular users”, or if I’m just a fringe case. An interesting thought. MS Office is a tough pill to swallow, even at only $110 or so. Alternatively, one can get MS Office365 for $99 a year, but that’s still a bit pricey if all you need is a quick document here and there.

For example, my wife is a fan of using Excel for quite a few things. Her checkbook is in Excel, and is used daily. She also keeps track of all of her mailing list people for family events in a spreadsheet. I have spreadsheets for assets in case of disaster. None of these documents are beyond the scope of what Google Apps on Drive can do. There aren’t any complex formulas or anything like that.

So, with a little pushing and prodding, could the average user move entirely to the cloud for docs? Maybe. Probably, in my opinion.

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