Cool use of POD HD500 effects loop, with piezos

I’m running my Fishman Aura Sixteen in the loop of my HD500, pre-mixer, then with a switchable delay and reverb after it. Then for an input, I’m running the acoustic out of my Ibanez into the Aux input for just that patch, then the electric for normal patches.

Run into monitors/headphones, I can switch from acoustic with one patch to electric on another without touching mix knobs on the guitar itself.

This is quite a bit of fun, especially when used in conjunction with the looper.

The drawback is that I can’t run simultaneous electric and acoustic sounds at the moment, until I figure out how to run a dual path signal. The benefit, as it stands now, is that I can switch from a crushing metal sound to a delicate acoustic part with just a foot tap. Way cool!

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