Need an amp modeler? Got an iPad?

I’ve been a nut with combining computers and music for a long time. After all, I’ve played guitar for a long time (not noticeable by my hack playing) and I’ve been into computers for nearly as long.

So naturally, the iPad has been an interesting device. Not only is it fun to surf the net with, but there are some killer amp modeling apps on there that sound pretty good. I say “pretty good”, because up until now, my POD HD500 still sounded better, in my opinion.

That’s changed. Positive Grid already had an awesome modeler in the form of JamUp XT Pro. It sounds great, and I’d say is pretty on par with Line 6’s flagship modeler. However, recently Positive Grid came out with BIAS: an amp modeling software that not only is super, super flexible (Mesa Recto with EL84’s, anyone?) but sounds flat out amazing. So much so that I look at the HD500 as the kid no one wants to play with anymore. It’s that good.

The issue I ran into though is how do you use it? Well, you could run it all within the iPad, by using GarageBand for iOS, in conjunction with InterApp Audio or Audiobus. However, I wanted to use it as I use my POD, which is to say directly into my Steinberg UR22. So here’s what I’ve got:

  1. iRig Pro, with Lightning cable
  2. Hosa CMP-159 for running the iPad into the Steinberg UR-22
  3. BIAS, by Positive Grid. $19.99 on the Apple App Store

And that’s really it. If you think about it, there’s no more analog/digital conversion going on with this than there is with a POD ran into the same interface. Sound quality-wise, it seems just as quiet too; the Hosa cable is pretty nice.

This is what you get with it:

I’m pretty happy with it, and I’m fairly certain there will be a black box going up for sale soon on eBay.

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