Arctic Blast keeping you home? No problem.

As has been all over the news, the midwest is being hit once again with an Arctic cold spell, and it’s now succeeded in closing my office. Does that stop me? Nope. Granted, being in IT, I am pretty well versed in working remotely. But these days, it goes further than just VPN connections.

My iPhone is VPN’d in, and is running my VoIP client. My remote control server is available from anywhere, running on my MacBook and iPad. and now, my whole IT team is using GoToMeeting all day for fantastic quality video conferencing, again on the iPad. No weird echoes, no problems with quality.

Between the iPad and Mac, my office is wherever I am, connected to my co-workers as if I were sitting next to them (for better or worse LOL). Of course, you don’t need an iPad as well as the laptop, however it’s nice having the video conferencing on a separate screen, as I do my work on my main laptop screen(s). With a Mac, having a ton of virtual desktops on a 1920×1200 screen makes multitasking while away from my large monitors a breeze.

I’d love to try Google Hangouts, to see how it compares in quality to GTM. However, at the moment GTM is the way to go, despite the very non-free price of $50 a month.

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