What if Jenna-Louise Coleman leaves Doctor Who?

What if Jenna Leaves Doctor Who?

There have been rumors floating around for a few weeks that Jenna-Louise Coleman will leave BBC’s long-running series Doctor Who after the current 8th series. If that’s the case, it’ll be a shame, because while I actually found her a bit annoying with Matt Smith, she’s been nothing short of brilliant with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor.

Jenna’s Clara Oswald has gone from the Doctor’s crush, to a strong woman who brings a moral compass to the new Doctor’s cantankerous and often dark personality. She’s guiding him, helping him find the (often flawed) hero within himself, even if he doesn’t want to find that hero. Perhaps towards the end of the series, he’ll even see the value in a good hug.

But that leaves us with a question; what if Jenna leaves? Who will fill her now valuable shoes?

Let me put forth an idea that Clara does indeed “save” the Doctor by 8th series end, that he comes to accept his role in time as space as the hero, the one who is never cowardly nor cruel. And that this newfound hero is then put to the ultimate test: making a mistake in choosing the next companion. A very, very bad mistake, that’s not his fault, but it is most definitely his problem to fix (or not fix, in some cases).

Let me preface this by saying that while I’ve seen the “Nu Who” series in its entirety, some episodes multiple times, I’ve not seen the entire series from the 60’s onwards. Therefore my idea could be a repeat, or entirely stupid.

What if the next companion, be them male or female, were to be effectively a time traveling serial killer? This person, fooling even the good Doctor into thinking they’re wide eyed and innocent, proceeds to travel with the Doctor, committing murderous acts that up until now were thought unsolved, or the blame placed wrongly on someone we thought for sure committed the crime. JFK. Lincoln. Even John Lennon. Accidental deaths. The Doctor perhaps might think that he’s there to stop these things from happening, but instead, he’s indirectly causing them, these fixed points in time, by bringing with him the evil that caused it.

And over the course of the series, he begins to suspect this companion. But how does he prove it? What does he do about it? Can the Doctor be the one to stop this evil, or is there someone from the Doctor’s past that will catch up with him after all these years, to open his eyes and help him put a stop to it? Someone related to him?

I think it would be a fascinating idea for a series, and would push Capaldi even further to establish what kind of Doctor he is, and truly what kind of hero he is.

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