Picky in my old age, with guitar stuff.

I’ve bought many guitars over the years. I’ve also returned or sold many more. The same goes for amps, pedals, etc. 

it’s amazing (but perhaps not altogether surprising) that we get picky as we get older (I’m nearly 40), and that especially includes our hobbies. 

Things that I thought surely trivial in my 20’s, like string gauge, neck scale, tube types, even fret size, are something I put a lot of thought into. I actually even obsess over pick type. Hell, I even dig talking ad nausem about it, to any like-minded individual. To those who brush off the details as not a big deal, I’ll often immediately write them off mentally! LOL

I have to have 10-46’s. While I can easily do 25.5″ or 24.75″, I really need Dunlop 6505 frets, and ideally either a straight 12″ radius or better yet, a 10-16″ compound radius. 

Power tubes? I love me some EL84’s. Speakers? Mesa-branded Celestions. I’m even cynical of the new Mesa-branded Eminence speakers!

So what does this all mean? Perhaps I’m too picky. Though a quick search through many a gear forum says I’m no worse off than anyone else. Perhaps I just know what I like. 

But the nice thing is I finally know what I’m looking for, and can concentrate on what matters: actually playing the damn things.  😉

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