Tired of the Hero Losing His/Her Powers BS

So last week, on The Flash, Barry gives up his powers to Zoom in order to save his “step-brother” Wally. This week’s episode is Barry trying to be a hero, without his powers.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because they did a similar thing in Superman II. And in The Wolverine. And in the series Heroes, to Peter Petrelli. And on Grimm. And on Supergirl. And in Spider-Man 2.

It seems that whereever there’s a television series, or perhaps a second or third movie in a series, the hero needs to lose their powers, to create/add drama.

The problem is, we’re watching the movie/show because they have powers, not because they’re normal people.

If I wanted to watch a superhero television show about a speedster that runs at normal speed, I’d watch…….well, I guess a normal cop procedural, not a non-super superhero show.

I guess it was interesting when it first happened (likely long before even Superman 2, but that’s when I first saw it), but now it’s become a very clich├ęd plot device. I wish writers for these shows and movies could figure out something more creative, than falling back on this.

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