The Problem with Facebook

Here’s what I struggle with on Facebook. I have 194 friends, from different generations, different walks of life, different religious and political backgrounds/preferences.

With occasional exception, I don’t have issues or arguments with people.

I don’t always agree, but it remains pretty cool. What I do get sucked into are debates with friends of friends. And when I disagree, try as I might, I’m like a moth to a flame (great song, btw).

This causes issues though. After all, it’s someone I usually don’t know at all, and it’s someone’s uncle Billy or aunty Jane. Sometimes, a friend is friends with this person on FB because it’s a relative, old co-worker, or whatever.

You then have the problem where it’s not face to face discussion, which, try as we might, definitively changes how we all behave in the context of a discussion or debate. Usually for the worse.

Then, you go one step further; comments on news articles, or groups you may be a part of. Generally these are a graded scale of dumpster fire severity.
What I then come away with is a general feeling that this country is divided and generally sucks, and so do people.

Is FB a good thing? It can be, certainly. Does it cause more frustration and indigestion than good? Sometimes feels that way.

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