Computer/IT Work

A lot of people ask me if I do computer work on the side. While I don’t have a ton of time to do so (I do have a regular job, after all), smaller stuff I can take on. Some of the stuff I do:

  1. Hard drive/SSD upgrades, including OS cloning
  2. Reformat and reload of OS
  3. Wireless network configuration
  4. Offsite/Cloud backup configuration
  5. Plex Streaming Server install and configuration

I tend to shy away from “remove malware/virus/spyware” stuff, unless it involves “yes, please wipe my drive and reinstall the operating system”. Why? Because I’m not really convinced you truly get rid of some of the particularly nasty stuff these days, just by using some software tool. Some of the malware, called “rootkits” even load themselves before the OS does.

So while other people may enjoy the challenge, I don’t want to waste my time and anyone else’s, chasing my tail for hours. And really, if it were my system, I’d reformat it!

What do I charge? Depends on what it is! But generally speaking, I charge what a certain Squad of individuals at a local big box store do, because it makes it easy for me and the person. Why don’t I charge less? Because I’m better. 🙂